How to blend qualitative and quantitative methods in a dissertation?


If the students want to blend the qualitative and quantitative methods in dissertation research then they have to consider three questions:

  • How to define the best qualitative and quantitative?
  • What are their examples?
  • How these methods blend?

Meaning of qualitative and quantitative

The qualitative method involves an investigator to describe the kinds of characters of people and programs without comparing the amount. It makes sense of individual stories and a different way to interact with the readers. The investigators do a study with natural settings and attempting to create an understanding.

The quantitative method is that aspects which focus on the number of characters of people that investigator studies. It seeks to the explanations and forecasting which will take a broad view to others. The central aspect of this method is the experimental design which helps to write my essay show the result.

How it blends in a dissertation proposal?

The dissertation research involves some features of both methods which help then in blending:

Research question

In the case of committing they have to answer the research question. They include various kinds of lawbreaking which are:

  • What type of suggestion people will give?
  • Is the suggestion is suitable for experienced?
  • What are the reasons for people who offer to recommend such a penalty?

Projects significance

  • This feature is used to contribute the available literature which is given below:
  • The penalty which people believe that they have to face the lawbreakers
  • The reasons for people offering to support these penalties

Research procedure

While paper writing the dissertation description if you have broken the rule, you will be presented in front of 100 people. They will suggest to you how to make a mistake clear and you have to explain such a recommendation.

Participants study

The investigator will find the 50 student of high school and 50 students at university. It depends on the head of the school or university that they present the writer, teacher or students.

Data interpretation

The sources of study will report the set of statistical summaries and collection of personal participants. The researcher will prepare the outline of mathematical research. It will cast the series of a table which includes the occurrence of variable.

Thus, these are some features which show the blending of qualitative and quantities methods in